Iiro Lamppu

Wondering the beauty of the world with curious mind. Working with bright people to bring joy to web (2 & 3) and b2b-sales. Enjoying golf in all formats and developing models to bet competitive golf. Always making something exciting!


(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)Updated November 3rd, 2022, from Helsinki, Finland.Getting into the creative mode and making stuffMeetings and calls with SMEs & entrepreneurs are bearing fruit which means that there are lots of web2 projects happening. Enjoyable and challenging moments of getting the code in order and making web experiences better.Making preparations to new golf betting season and testing new modelsGolf has been a huge part of life for past 20 years. About 10 years ago betting came along - I love to watch competitive golf so that was fun way to get more excitement in. Now for 5 years I've (with my friend) been developing models to make it a systematic stream of income. New things are now being tested and 2023 season will be the year that some of our work will become public.Bear market investingIn addition to BTC "saving account" I'm looking for projects that are delivering code and making in the bear market. This is the time for building a portfolio with solid base.

What I Do

I'm currently solving the riddles of web2 and transforming to web3. Most interested in helping bright and resourceful entrepreneurs. I aim to do simple and effective websites with the focus on the visitor experience.I've been in b2b-sales space for over 5 years and there's few really exciting companies I'm partnered with. I aim to do 1-2 days of sales related activities with them every week. You can find more info about them from www.zefram.com and www.hetki.ai.Golf is my calling in all it's aspects and I've been building betting models for competitive golf for 3+ years.Additionally I love nature, especially birds. Family time in the woods is something I cherish.Everything I do gets measured and all the decisions lean to data.

The Projects

I'm currently involved in projects linked to b2b-sales, golf betting and making great websites (for small businesses). In addition I'm creating a website for learning about web3/crypto space (in Finnish) and few other exciting projects.

Get in touch!

If you're interested in similar stuff or want to get in touch regarding your project - just drop me a email.